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You’re overwhelmed.

Mastering all the tools you’ve got is sucking up your time, and you’re not making the best use of them.

You feel lost in all of the options.  Everyone’s always talking about this must-have-tool or that one.  You can’t figure out what you truly need.

Then, there’s the cost.

You’re spending hundreds—if not thousands—on tools that aren’t really making your business run smoothly.

You want to run your business, but here’s the truth.

You’re being run over by your business.

It feels terrible. You’re frustrated, disillusioned, and on the verge of exhaustion.


The fact of the matter is that small business owners don’t always need the same expensive tools that bigger companies use.

Some online gurus will claim that you need a multitude of expensive task, information and project management tools.

You don’t.

What you really need is a simple, inexpensive tool that you can master in minutes. Evernote is the answer to your prayers.

You can easily turn Evernote into your go-to tool for managing the information business, increasing your productivity, and getting your clients great results.

Here’s how. . . .



We're hard at work updating Evernote for Small Business - click below to join our beta tester program and instantly stand a chance to win the new guide when we launch in 2018.

Evernote is an amazing, inexpensive tool that empowers you to optimize your business operations, save money, and flourish.


  • Puts you in control of your business and shows how to effectively manage it with Evernote
  • Gives you step-by-step video tutorials and supplemental written instructions on how to use Evernote
  • Supplies you with Evernote templates you can copy right into your Evernote account
  • Empowers you to kill off tool overwhelm and finally have a single business management hub
  • Saves you money by eliminating the stack of unnecessary, complicated and expensive tools you've been using to run your business

There is nothing out there on the market that provides you with this kind of comprehensive and systematic approach to using Evernote for your business

Like tons of entrepreneurs, I have Evernote on my desktop, on my phone, everywhere — I even pay for the premium version! — but don’t really use it for much more than collecting articles. I know it’s a robust tool, but I never had the patience to figure it out.
Enter Natasha and the wonder that is Evernote for Small Business. Ta-da! It’s brilliant.
In the time it took me to ingest my caffeine for the day, I was able to work through the basics of setting up a system and getting myself organized. From there, with a little more time and attention, Evernote for Small Business showed me tons of tricks and tips for managing files, emails, an endless array of random notes + links — and my favorite part — to do lists. I’m stoked to finally be putting Evernote to proper use!
— Victoria Prozan


We know how busy you are.

You’re not entering yet another course or program.

You’re getting an all-in-one guide that teaches you exactly what you need to do to optimize your use of Evernote. It’s going to be fast and easy.

I’m giving you all of the Evernote templates I’ve created.  You can use them exactly as they are or modify them to suit your specific needs.

Your investment in the guide can save you hundreds—even thousands—of dollars this year because you’ll be able to get rid of costly tools that you don’t actually need!



Evernote for Small Business is being updated. Click below to join our beta for the new version of the guide and stand a chance to win the new version when we launch in 2018!

Before I got Evernote for Small Business, I’d been using Evernote for about two years.  I loved using it to clip articles I found on the Internet.  But I’ll be honest.  My Evernote was a hot mess.  I had thousands of notes and a couple of notebooks and stacks, but I never consistently organized things. It really was just a dumping ground.  Thanks to the guide, I was able to quickly organize my Evernote and start using it to manage the day-to-day operations of my business.  It’s a huge relief!
— Jennifer B. Bernstein, Ph.D.
Evernote for Small Business has given me so much value: I’ve tamed my out of control notebook habit into usable stacks; I’m storing and actually accessing usable data (I’m guilty of clipping and never looking at it again); I’ve edited all my tags into a consistent format. I’m using [the guide] not only for business, but also home life. The videos have given me just what I needed–to see how another entrepreneur organizes and practical use-cases for Evernote. Thank you!!
— Julia McPherson